SMART FACE - Smart Micro Factory for Electric Vehicles with Lean Production Planning

Not only for electric vehicles, the Smart Face project of the initiative Autonomics 4.0 can be seen as a pioneer of new sustainable methods and concepts in logistics. This system can be used in all areas of small and medium series production such as the production of a coffee machine or a sports shoe. All production processes can be optimized by means of the Smart Face project, whereby decentralized, highly flexible material flow units, realized by Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), are the focus. For the first time, the flow of information is linked to the real material flow by embedded systems, creating an easily scalable production process.

Changing requirements - new solutions

Ever shorter product life cycles, individualized production and an increase in production are factors standing behind increasing demands on current logistics systems. Although automated and highly efficient assembly lines are already in use today, they do not offer the option of decentralized control and are designed exclusively for maximum productivity. SMART FACE combines the decentralized control according to the Internet of Things principle with new technology and meets the individual requirements of today's logistics.

SMART FACE application

SMART FACE offers the possibility, that parts that need to be processed find their own way from machine to machine. This enables more efficient operation and higher utilization. In combination with a new and lean program planning concept, processes within the production can be optimized and ultimately costs can be saved. Especially in the field of small series production, particularly the emerging production of electric cars, classic systems can no longer meet the requirements.

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