Our department «Automation and Embedded Systems» connects the application-oriented research with the industrial environment. We generate new insights to evolve innovative concepts and to enable a future-minded further development of your company.
The focus of our current research projects is on intra-system communication, which imply an increase of efficiency and a higher robustness.

Our research projects


Cellular Facility Logistics

The Future of Facility Logistics 


- in cooperation with the »Machines and Facilities« Department


Internet of Things

»Internet of Things« - a Concept, a Vision, a New Point of View


3D Contour Check

The fully automatic, efficient and economical de-palletizing system


- in cooperation with the »Machines and Facilities« Department 





SaLsA - Safe Autonomous Logistics and Transportation Vehicles in Outdoor Areas



VitOL – Wireless Sensor Network of Intelligent Nodes Objects

Sensor Network Based Systems for Material Flow Technology





SafeLog -Safe Human-Robot Interaction for Highly Flexible Warehouses



- in cooperation with the »Packaging and Retail Logistics« Department



Adaptable Logistics: the Hub2Move model

- in cooperation with the »Machines and Facilities« Department



SMART FACE - Smart Micro Factory for Electric vehicles with lean production planning

- in cooperation with the:
»Machines and Facilities«,
»Supply Chain Engineering«,
»Information Logistics and Decision Support Systems« Departments