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From Dortmund to Santiago

News / December 01, 2017

According to the latest worldwide estimates, in the next 20 years 70 to 80 percent of the present jobs will not exist anymore. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that companies have at one’s disposal of technological instruments to cope with these changes, to maintain their competitiveness. Simultaneously the education system has to prepare for a paradigm change.

With these challenges of the digital revolution, the VIII German-Chilean Business Days 2017 deal with, organized by the AHK Chile. At the event, concrete examples of industrial applications in various industries were presented, providing a platform for exchange and networking between companies, institutions and experts.

The business days presented technologies developed in Germany. In forums representatives of both countries discussed amongst other things on the digital transformation in mining and the formation of human capital for the future challenges of Industry 4.0.

Jana Jost was on-site on behalf of the Innovation Laboratory and as a representative of the Fraunhofer IML, explaining: "In ten years' there will be 65 percent self-learning systems in logistics, but the human workforce will in any case continue to play a significant role in the productive processes." In her talk »Self-Organizing Systems - (R) evolution in Logistics« she presented the research fields of the Fraunhofer IML and put special emphasis on the integration of man and machine.