Monitoring and Detection of Micro-Energy-Harvesting Potential


Within the research project AWiDAlog »Active Wireless Data Acquisition in Intralogistics«, a container monitoring system has been developed which can be used in each materials handling system working with containers. The monitoring system collects environmental data via sensors and evaluates them. Several containers with radio nodes and sensors to measure humidity, acceleration, luminance and temperature are one part of the system, furthermore a stationary radio node which regularly polls data of the sensors in the containers. The third part of the monitoring system is the software to analyze the collected environmental data.

The containers are self-sufficient and can be integrated into existing systems. By recording environmental data with the sensor node in the container environmental influence on the goods to be conveyed can be detected. Potentials to gain energy from environmental conditions can be measured. With the collected sensor data and with the help of a newly developed evaluation program you can predicate systematically how much environmental energy is available for micro-energy-harvesting.

The international research project AWiDAlog is a collaboration of VEK-21 Ltd. (Russian Federation) with Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML.