Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is used in a wide range of logistics processes, such as inbound or picking. In this way, the user receives specific product information during picking via special smart glasses. Besides the amount to be withdrawn, the storage location will be displayed visually. The Fraunhofer IML has been researching for many years in the field of AR and developed, for example, a system that improves packaging processes with the help of smart glasses. Thereby, the employee is guided through the process and gets the information at which location the product should be placed optimally.

AR – Visual – Individual

The use of AR technologies is not limited to the classic AR glasses, but also works well with a smartphone or tablet. Depending on the particular field of application, AR can be utilized in various ways. The usage of three-dimensional representation of objects is not always necessary. For maintenance, it is sufficient that simple texts about the respective machines are projected into the field of vision of the worker. Based on this, the Fraunhofer IML develops flexible and individual solutions for your processes.

AR – Increasing Usability

AR supports people optimally during their activities. Important information about the current location of the machines or approaching vehicles lead to a safe and easy handling with complex systems. In addition, the workers are shown the best way through the warehouse to the respective products. Also in the field of repair, AR allows a simplified handling. For example, the maintenance plans and additional design data can be projected into the worker's field of view.