IntraLogOS - The Operating System for the Material Flow

Aim of the software IntraLogOS is the integration of devices from different manufacturer in existing or future IT systems. Building on its predecessor udc/cp – which stands for “unified data capture” and “communication protocol” – IntraLogOS is now not only able to combine and unify different AutoID devices but also the entire hardware of a material flow system.

The platform developed at Fraunhofer IML provides both independence from different manufacturers and flexibility due to the fact that various devices can also be added or removed during runtime.

→    IntraLogOS ensures investment security.

In addition, there is provided security by means of an extensive monitoring, as problems can be communicated quickly via email or text messages.

→    IntraLogOS efficiently counteracts the standstill of the complete system and thereby
        high downtime costs.


Are you interested in our project? It would be a pleasure for us to demonstrate IntraLogOS in our openID Center at Fraunhofer IML.