iCon - intelligent Container

With »iCon« the Fraunhofer IML devised the first intelligent container for airfreight. The »iCon« controls the path to its destination self-regulated according to the philosophy of Internet of Things. At that, GPS as well as 4G data-transmission make worldwide tracking possible. The »iCon« is power-supplied by solar-cells and has an integrated, high-resolution ePaper-Display. In addition to that the airfreight container has sensors for the capture of temperature and acceleration, which could serve, e.g., as accident-detection or analyse of air- and ground transport. The »iCon« has the ability to communicate near real-time data about its condition and other cyber-physical systems on anytime. Therefore, it is possible to react directly to delays, increase in temperature and other incidents down the supply chain.

»iCon« in action

Missing customs documents can be redirected directly from the sender and appear a few seconds later at the ePaper of the container. Furthermore, »iCon« can inform all relevant actors about serious incidents, for example, a damage. The supplier has the option to initiate an express dispatch as a replacement for damaged goods.

More efficiency with »iCon«

»iCon« can store and request transport documents and show them via integrated ePaper-Display, which is a high gain in efficiency of transport-handling especially for logistic service provider. So paper-based documents might be superfluous in future.