Coaster - All important information on a coaster

The Coaster is a Smart Assistant Device and represents a cost-effective and innovative human-machine interface. It is as big as a coaster and equipped with a revolutionary simple operating concept. This means it fits into any pocket and becomes a constant companion for humans. In addition to the robust casing, the coaster has a multiaxial Click-Screen, which enables simple and intuitive operation with haptic and acoustic feedback. The Smart Assistant Device can perceive its environment as well as recognize barcodes, humans and machines with the help of a high-resolution camera. Furthermore, the coaster can easily be hung on a shelf or forklift truck because of its magnetism.


The coaster follows the principle of networking. It networks with cyberphysical systems as well as the iCloud and with social networks of a future supply chain management. In addition, apps can be used to create new dimensions in customer-specific applications. Via an app store, the Smart Assistant Device can constantly be provided with new and up-to-date functions and can be flexibly adapted. This flexibility enables the coaster to be used in a variety of ways.


- in cooperation with the department
 »Information Logistics and Decision Support Systems«