WASP – Wide Angle Surveillance Panorama

Supervise or observe large areas with WASP – the software for generating a seam-less video panorama in real-time.

The WASP-software clearly and seamlessly pictures the video stream from several cameras in one single video stream.
The advantages are obvious: The user can overlook large areas in a simple way instead of switching between different camera views, as usual. In addition, significantly fewer cameras are necessary compared to other video surveillance systems. In this manner, four wide-angle cameras are able to completely capture a 1000 m² large area, for instance. Hence the system is ideally suited to observe or supervise for example warehouses, exhibition halls, supermarkets, gas stations or major events.
A subsequent processing or analysis of the data, for example for people counting or piece goods, is also possible.

WASP is compatible with network cameras from a great variety of manufacturers and it is easy to install and put into operation. The cameras are installed on ceiling mounts. In outdoor areas they can be attached to masts. As they obtain their energy via Power over Ethernet (PoE), a separate power supply for the cameras is not necessary.
The video streams of the individual cameras are sent via an Ethernet network to an evaluation computer and there they are merged in real-time to one single video. The user can observe certain areas of the video more closely by means of integrated zoom and shift function. The video can be recorded for later usage, furthermore it can be displayed on the network of different PCs in a browser window (e. g. Mozilla Firefox).