Our products are the result of an intensive and research-based work. They offer innovative technologies for industrial applications and pave the way for optimizing operational systems.

Our products



Autonomous driving at logistics yard.


NB-IoT Level Sensor

A sensor for recording the filling levels of various containers for an efficient and central control of container management. 


Coaster - All important information on a coaster

The Smart Assistant Device represents a cost-effective and innovative human-machine interface.


– in cooperation with the department »Information Logistics and Decision Support Systems«


Smart bed - the intelligent hospital bed

A smart label for the optimized organization of support processes at the bedside.


– in cooperation with the department »Health Care Logistics«


LOCATIVE - Low Cost Automated Guided Vehicle

 – in cooperation with the department »Machines and Facilities«


InBin - Intelligent Bin

The first real intelligent bin communicates with people and machines, takes decisions independently, supervises his environmental conditions and controls logistics processes.


WASP – Wide Angle Surveillance Panorama

Supervise or observe large areas with WASP – the software for generating a seam-less video panorama in real-time.






EMILI – Ergonomic, Mobile, Interactive Carrier for Intralogistics

A new, revolutionary vehicle, which acts totally autonomous and interacts with its environment.


PICK-BY-INK - A picking system just with containers and flexible displays

»PICK-BY-INK« - An alternative commissioning procedure based on segmented ePaper displays.


iCon - intelligent Container

»iCon« is the first intelligent container for airfreight based on a high efficient ePaper display.


BWS Label

The BWS Label is an electronic and energy-self-sufficient label which enables a reduction of the procurement costs and efficient structuring of the order processes.