Brush Conveyor

Brush Conveyor - Further Development

The first prototype was realised for the fair CeMAT in 2008. Since then the brush conveyor has been modified several times. In addition to the test of several damps (leaf springs, air springs and rubber spring units), an indirectly driven version was realised.  The dead weight of the brush conveyor was reduced significantly for that purpose. A duplication of the handling speed could be achieved by mixing different functional principles.

As a next step the application of active leaf springs with piezo-drive will be tested. This so-called PKF replace the vibration exciter and generate a vibration in a frequency band up to 300 Hz. By avoiding the lifting of the conveyed material from the conveying surface (or the brush plates) and an energy recovery by the »contraction« of the piezo-elements, a very low energy requirement should be realised.  For this reason, the brush conveyor is a worthwhile addition to conventional  conveyor system solutions.