Constructions Site Logistics

Logistic concepts for the supply and disposal at building sites

Logistics at construction sites becomes increasingly complicated with rising construction volume, and from a certain size, it can only be arranged with professional strategies: dispatching 10 trucks over the day might be ad-hoc realizable, but the manual processing of 100 trucks will lead to massive impairments. This applies similarly to waste management at construction sites which moreover, should meet the numerous existing regulations. In addition to supply and disposal processes, those in charge of planning must also co-ordinate the procedures on construction sites by themselves: Who may use which resource at what time, i.e. blocking a driveway or storage area or rather utilizing commonly used construction equipment?

In this context, a time study of the TU Dortmund University confirms: Essential time slices are allotted to material search, distances, transports and interruptions of work.

The concepts and tools for constructions site logistics offered by the Fraunhofer IML resist these challenges and help to keep process costs at a minimum. From the first step up to the commissioning, the projects are economically and efficiently coordinated.

Competence centre constructions site logistics

The competence centre constructions site logistics in Dortmund is a forum for innovative research and development. This constructions and logistics industry network focuses on:

  • Exchange of information
  • Networking
  • Realization of joint research
  • Participation in support programs

The competence centre network enables its members to develop and realize innovative ideas together, which would be difficult to implement single-handedly.

"About two thirds of the working hours on construction sites are accounted for material search, distances, transportation and other work interruptions."