Our portfolio

Provision of requirement analyses when new business models or technologies are introduced

In order to successfully develop and provide mobility concepts, we carry out appropriate requirement analyses. This can include technological, user-specific and market-related investigations.

Development of business model scenarios

Taking technological, regulatory and demand-driven developments on the mobility market into account, we identify possible business models. This also includes co-operation models with relevant stakeholders to strengthen cooperation and promote the intermodal market.

Future scenarios and trend analyses

Using quantitative and qualitative methods, we examine relevant developments on the mobility market. The results are valuable for strategic considerations and should be included in those.

Accompanying the identification and implementation of new mobility strategies

The development and pursuit of sound strategies is of great importance for a long-term success. This can be, for example, the change from transport service provider to mobility provider or a rethinking towards new business models, including new technologies.

Support for proof of concepts

We accompany and support you scientifically in carrying out feasibility studies. As an external partner, we take an objective view and help to illuminate and minimise the risks of a decision.

Potential analyses of new technologies

We are exploring the potential and application possibilities of new technologies to promote new mobility concepts.

Interdisciplinary consideration of mobility innovations

Mobility faces a transformation. Interdisciplinary approaches make it possible to comprehensively grasp the resulting challenges and develop new, sustainable solutions.

Socioeconomic and behavioural analyses of mobility solutions

Changed mobility does not only require technical solutions. Socioeconomic and behavioural analyses are an important basis for the cause and effect research. Thus it is possible to identify potentials of new and existing solutions.