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WMS Online Selection

Fast and cost-effective way of finding the right solution

Team warehouse logistics offers the manufacturer-independent tool WMS Online Selection, which is based on the WMS Database. This tool helps users with everything from the call for tenders to the identification of suitable candidates and up to the final selection of a WMS vendor. Your benefits: You save time and money and get the system that is perfect for your company’s operational procedures.

Clear criteria, neutral evaluation and available at all times

WMS Online Selection uses a comprehensive questionnaire with a wide range of functional aspects which are of great importance for your WMS selection. WMS Online Selection is a neutral, manufacturer-independent service that is available around the clock on

Shortlist – WMS Online Selection

With a specified requirements profile for the present case of the customer, Team warehouse logistics sets a functional ranking of possible WMS according to their expected performance in your specific application as well as the preselection of suitable WMS-vendors (shortlist). Therefore we are using the WMS Online Selection of the platform

With one of the largest and most comprehensive WMS database

  • Approximately 90 WMS are compared with each other in a very short period of time
  • More than 3 500 individual aspects are taken into consideration
  • WMS users and vendors are matched together perfectly


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