Intralogistics and -IT planning

WMS Database

The WMS database on is one of the largest and most comprehensive platform for Warehouse Management Systems in the world. The database includes the majority of all relevant WMS vendors, categorizes their products and services based on comprehensive and meaningful criteria and provides an overview of this information for users, vendors, and consultants. It also offers tools for analyzing existing WMS and for helping with the selection of a suitable WMS vendor.

Tested and validated in detail

In order to ensure accurate and reliable information, Team warehouse logistics checks the details and descriptions of the WMS vendors listed on on a regular basis. The basis for this validation is a detailed questionnaire that covers more than 3 500 individual aspects and describes the capability of each Warehouse Management System in relevant features. A WMS will only receive a validation signet after it has been accepted by the neutral and experienced Team warehouse logistics. This signet is a seal of quality for the WMS industry.
With our certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we ensure a high quality and objectivity in our software validation process. This is another attribute of the WMS database and underlines the neutral (manufacturer-independent) and outstanding expert status in the market.

Team warehouse logistics: interdisciplinary and competent

The platform and our services for WMS vendors, users, and consultants are backed by a 15 member team made up of experienced engineers, computer scientists, logisticians, and marketing experts. Founded in 2000 by Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML and the Dutch company IPL Consultants B.V., the team focuses on new technologies and creative concepts to bring more transparency to the dynamic and increasingly complex WMS market. The goal is to network the market participants in order to jointly develop market-leading solutions for intralogistic challenges and increase their efficiency.


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