Protection of the Know-how-transfer

The Know-how-transfer

The Know-how transfer is part of the self-placed assignment of the Fraunhofer institute and wants to keep companies in shape in order to remain within the complex and global competition. The Know-how transfer is going to be realized through the project management, which our department of enterprise development is going to pass on to our clients.

Especially the expectations that the Chinese market is going to grow strongly and that logistics is going to gain in importance, argues in favor of an enlargement of the activities with China that have begun more than 10 years ago

  • We are mediator between the Chinese demand and the German (European) supply
  • We ensure the highly sophisticated awareness level of our association through our representatives and successful concluded projects
  • We establish high transparency with our department in German companies
  • We tighten existing contacts to important universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu as well through the exchange of Know-how with academics
  • As Fraunhofer IML we make acquisitions on location

Clients and partner

  • Companies within the producing industry which have the aim to tighten and enlarge their market mindshare through displacement of their manufacturing plants or expansions
  • In this process we response German companies with the aim of displacing their manufacturing plants or expansions as well as the Chinese market

The look ahead

  • The diversity of displacing manufacturing plants is often going beyond the sphere of the department
  • Such as the year before, the Fraunhofer IML often consults the departments transport-logistics and enterprise planning. These departments complement the requirements within the displacement of manufacturing plants from the point of view of internal and external logistics
  • In relation with the displacement of manufacturing plants there are questions about customs and fiscal law which have to be answered. For that matter we depend on external expert report. In addition to our own Know-how it is essential to find adequate partners to establish co-operations
  • It is important to show presence on location
  • Italy and Brazil are being proved in that effect if activities that already have begun can be intensified and strengthened through contact-persons on location

The risk, not to be present in China, is higher than the risk, to be present

~ Heinrich von Pierer