Optimization of the operational concept and Layout-planning

Optimization of processes

We support your company with the work-out and optimization of operational concepts up to the Layout-planning. In this connection, logistical processes are being planned and adapted. This occurs due to maximization of the productivity and at the same time minimization of costs. Our Know-how and through it our long-term Know-how helps your company to enhance your competitiveness. We will work out concepts within the factory- and layout-planning that ensure your company sustainability. The planning and realization is going to be fulfilled in a highly detailed way in order to generate practicable solutions.

Our Offering

  • Anlaysis of the present status
  • Evaluation of Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and risks
  • Analysis to avoid unprofitable investments
  • Business process optimization
  • Conception and integration of IT-solutions
  • Structural analysis
  • Strategic goal-setting
  • Future generation of a concept

Our Offering

  • Analysis and Planning
  • Strategies and concepts
  • Planning of the ideal materialflow
  • Realization of site structure planning
  • Workplace Layout
  • Feasibility study
  • Generation of simulation models
  • Realization of Advertisement
  • Project management

Your benefit

  • We prefer answering questions about the market- and location-situation
  • Your company benefits from a large network all about supply-, production-, distribution- and transport-logistics
  • All service offers generated by our institute are basically valid for the Chinese market
  • The three most frequent skills are being represented by Chinese employees at the IML-locations
  • Within a lot of projects there are German experts which are being appointed to help out in critical phases. The processing of the projects is being carried out on the basis of the quality criteria as being lived within the institute 

The risk, not to be present in China, is higher than the risk, to be present

~ Heinrich von Pierer