Offshoring and Outsourcing

Impact on Logistics

The general trend that concerns Offshoring and Outsourcing and the displacement-management involved in it will still have an impact on logistics. Companies intensify their concentration on a target-oriented presentation to the outside world and besides possibilities of the internet era; focus on personal contact to clients and business partner. However they also try to increase the Outsourcing that concern parts of production as well as parts of distribution. Reasons are multifaceted and reach from the opening of new markets to the point of reduction of production costs. Most of the times the required Know-how, resources and knowledge for this complex Offshoring or Outsourcing project is non-existing within the companies. Insufficient preparation, incomplete advertisement, missing Know-how as well as additional work load for employees that are bound to day-to-day business can lead to failure.

Offshoring and Outsourcing Trends

The climate-theme will have a high influence on companies and will become an important component of products and services. China will be a major winner of the economical growth and will be catching up with the leading nations. Furthermore the division of labor of low wages and on the other side industrial nations will establish. This will confirm the Offshoring and Outsourcing trend. The possibilities of the internet lead to a raise of customer demand in matters of individualization, availability and rapidity.


The logistics industry is going to take a benefit from this development. She is going to set trends regarding the topics of environmental and interdisciplinary co-operation in between companies.


The adaptation of our tools and utilities for efficient logistics planning in China is limited. As well as the evaluation methods they will be adjusted and modified by Chinese employees who are partly trained in Dortmund. The environmental analysis of production- and logistics-locations requires new development of collection systems, decision support and finding solutions. The development task and adaption task will be solved in the project-centers, some in co-operation with research-centers in China.

We support companies with a target-oriented consultingservice and provide

  • Specialist-support and professional guiding in all steps of the project
  • Market analysis and selection of adequate locations and partners
  • Build-up of stable processes – in particular at new locations, in order to preserve standards in quality and delivery reliability   
  • Support with the evaluation and accordingly the optimization of the operational concept to the point of planning layouts.
  • Preparation of advertisement, selection of bidders, suggestions for the form of contract
  • Protection of the Know-how-transfer
  • Consideration of cultural and mental differences by employees on location

The risk, not to be present in China, is higher than the risk, to be present

~ Heinrich von Pierer