Market analysis

Opening-up new markets

Within the market analysis we are going to examine an adequate market with the view on clients and competition. The attractiveness of a market is going to be analyzed to give a company an overview about the existent situation. In order of being able to open up a new market, products or product groups are being analyzed. Cultural and local differences in particular play an important role within the market analysis. The respective market potential is being explored and a solution presented which matches the competitive strategy of our clients. The possibilities for the step abroad are going to be found out and being evaluated.

Examination of market analysis

  • Market potential
  • Market growth
  • Market capacity
  • Customer topology
  • Market topology
  • Share of the market
  • Supply and demand
  • General regulations
  • External influences


  1. The market segment which is going to be examined will be compared to the companies concept
  2. The external environment is going to be analyzed by a PESTLE analysis (political, economical, social, technical, legal, environmental)
  3. Analysis of the existing competitors und their product range, clients and suppliers
  4. The generated data is now being used for future market forecast in order of being able to provide our clients with advice while looking ahead

Targets and benefits

  • Identification of potential clients
  • Generation of market-facts
  • Valuation of sales opportunities
  • Identification of developing markets
  • The market is going to be made “transparent” for our clients
  • Flexibility

The risk, not to be present in China, is higher than the risk, to be present

~ Heinrich von Pierer