International Enterprise Development

The opening-up of the Chinese Market

Since a couple of years China is not only to be seen as a production location but also as a sales market, financially rewarding for foreign companies. The term logistics however is relatively new in China and still needs to be put through an intensive erection phase as well as development phase. Therefore it holds a lot of opportunities for committed investors. A foreign company which wants to enter this upcoming market is confronted with many challenges: foreign business-culture, language-barriers, special bureaucratic requirements and outstanding contacts that have to be tied up in order to form personal contacts.

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The challenge of the Chinese market

Logistics Know-How and the German tools for efficient logistics-processes and –systems are highly demanded in the Chinese business sector. A market which will be representing about one fourth of the world-demand of the logistics-equipment in about ten years and which as well will be one of the most important trading-partner of Germany, needs research institutes to place themselves in that area.

The Fraunhofer IML Department »Enterprise Development« provides customized solutions for the following activities:

Due to the Fraunhofer philosophy we work as a neutral and independent consultant. Project teams will work out a durable improvement of your business processes, supported by the employees of your company.

Reference Projects

BMW AG, Munich, Germany

Supply Chain Planning Pearl/China


Huawei Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Planning and Implementation of the Logistics Centre


Huawei Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen, China

Planning of New Factories in Hangzhou and Langfang


Chaoshifa, Beijing, China

Planning of Digital Logistics Harbour (DLH) 


Jiaxing Tobacco Company, Jiaxing, China

Planning of Jiaxing Tobacco Logistics Centre

Prozess Design and Optimisation, Warehouse planning


FAW VW, Changchun, China

Optimization of the Local Content Logistics


comepack GmbH, Hirschberg, Germany

Setup of Business in China


Fiege China, Beijing, China

Warehouse Location Selection and Appraisal


Lining Sports, Beijing, China

Logistics Service Providers’ Selection Consulting

Supply Chain Planning, Planning of the distribution centre


Nivea (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Selection of Logistics Service Provider


Ningde Tobacco Company, Jiaxing, China

Planning of Ningde Tobacco Logistics Centre

The risk, not to be present in China, is higher than the risk, to be present

~ Heinrich von Pierer