System planning

Warehouse logistics in material flow

System planning includes the integrated analysis, planning and design of complex logistics systems of a company. The methods and tools of the Fraunhofer IML allow the alignment of various logistics functional areas and the development of an optimized overall system. This includes a holistic and cross-functional planning of the warehouse, the order picking system, the material handling and transportation. The planning process enfolds a process perspective as well as the consideration of appropriate logistics trades.

The tasks in context of system planning range from the analysis, the planning and the design of logistics systems, their tendering through the implementation support. Before an existing warehouse is extended or a new facility is planned, fundamental questions regarding the warehouse logistics have to be raised:

  • Do all items have to be on stock in the warehouse or is it possible that suppliers deliver certain items?
  • What is the space requirement for the storage of each item and what is the ideal inventory level for this item?
  • Are the transport routes and the location of items with very high turnover rate in warehouse ideal?
  • Is there potential for standardization regarding specific storage items considering size and weight criteria?

Layout Planning

An ideal layout planning requires a balancing between a high variety of factors. These include:

  • Multi-purpose building or warehouse construction tailored to a special purpose
  • Mutability: Expandability of the areas of storage and handling
  • Storage items and the height of the warehouse affect the construction details and restrict the form and execution of fire protection
  • Requirements of the employers’ liability insurance association such as compliance with aisle widths must be considered.

The ground plan of the warehouse, the activities in the camp, the top restrictions as well as the dimensions of the stored material determine the required handling equipment.

Nature and extent of the layout planning of a logistics system significantly influences the next steps. First, permit applications have to be issued. Further, suitable suppliers have to be selected in the tendering process and incoming bids have to be assessed. In case of complex systems it is also possible to verify how it works using the simulation to verify developed concepts by application of simulation.

Overview of services system planning

Following the Fraunhofer philosophy, we work as a neutral and independent consultant. We support you in your projects in context of system planning in the following tasks:

  • As-Is Analysis
  • Target concepts
  • Stock management
  • Value benefit analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Development of logistics organizational structures


Materialflow planning & layout planning

  • Warehouse & order picking systems
  • Production & production planning
  • Shipping systems
  • Customer order management
  • Logistics costs
  • Simulation


Project Management

  • Tendering
  • Technical recommendation for contract award
  • Project coordination and project control
  • Implementation support
  • Support final quality inspection
  • Removal planning