Logistics Outsourcing — Tendering

Control of Tendering Procedure

The first and most crucial step in a logistics outsourcing is always the process recording – ideally a detailed process analysis. The objective is to gather reliable data to permit the creation of a detailed and sophisticated tender document, which allows the definition of the  precise scope of the outsourcing.  Further, a detailed cost accounting and a detailed assessment of opportunities and risks should be completed. A process analysis allows the evaluation of two variants: the optimized self-operating alternative or the outsourcing option. The Fraunhofer IML offers the neutral evaluation of both scenarios and a competent and objective assessment.

Once a starting signal has been given for a tendering procedure, our logistics experts support issuing enterprises in the creation of tendering documents. In the phase of bid evaluation the Fraunhofer IML consults enterprises in the standardization and evaluation of received bids and recommends the most suitable supplier.

"In many cases it makes sense to get help from consultants. A decision for or against outsourcing has tremendous scope. I believe, many companies do not have sufficient own resources to prepare, evaluate and plan such a difficult decision. A second tip: You cannot force an outsourcing."

– Dr. Hugo Fiege,
   FIEGE Group