Business Units

Slower value-adding networks resulting from longer transportation times are an important effect of globalization. The number of products that companies produce, procure, store and / or sell is significantly increasing which is impeding the management of supply chains. Those negative effects are intensified by shorter product life cycles and increased customer power.


Improved information and communication technology allow better planning, regulation and processing of logistical processes. E-mail and web applications have considerably sped up the communication in value-adding networks. RFID, satellite-based navigation systems and new logistic softwares facilitate the management of value-adding networks. After all, the selection of the most suitable processes and IT systems for a supply chain is not trivial.

Our Business Units


Supply Chain Management

  • Network Simulation and Material Flow Simulation
  • Dynamic Inventory Disposition and Robust Service Level Management
  • Optimization of Demand Forecasts
  • Network Design
  • Tariff Trade Barriers
  • Economic and Risk Assessment
  • SCM Trainings

ERP & Digitial Design

  • ERP Consulting
    • Potential Consulting, Process and Requirement Definition
    • Selection and Implementation of ERP Systems
    • Online Portal ERP LOGISTICS
  • Digitization and Cross-Functional Networking of Processes
  • Onlineshop Consulting

Supply Chain IT

  • Data Integration in the Supply Chain
  • Shadowed Supply Chain Solutions & SCM Assistance Systems
  • Demand and Capacity Management
  • Systems for the Availability Planning