Holistic production systems

Production - the gears and bolts of your company

Increasing cost pressures and progressing globalization are making it increasingly difficult to maintain and develop competitiveness. Many companies confront these challenges with the development and implementation of holistic production systems (HPS). The novelty of holistic production systems lies in the coordination and integration methods predominantly known from lean manufacturing, but also from conventional mass production as well as from the humanization of work, for a comprehensive, company-specific complete solution.

Implementation shows, however, that reorganization projects are often started in earnest with much enthusiasm toward methodological integration, but the resulting challenges with regard to the production environment are still neglected. Demands on logistics systems and processes, the information technology connection, the supply concept and the factory layout often cannot be adequately fulfilled by existing structures. The recognition of these connections and the associated performance limits in the course of implementation means that the potential for increasing efficiency cannot be fully utilized. This can only be achieved through an early-stage and consistent view of the entire production process, including the production environment.

The benefits

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Production optimization through a holistic approach to the production environment
  • Consideration of methodological, functional, procedural and systemic relationships and dependencies
  • Comprehensive and coordinated consulting services from conception to realization

Our approach

The Production Logistics department will guide your company through the design and implementation of holistic production systems, taking into account the existing technical, organizational and social structures in your company. We expand on the HPS-immanent focus on the selection and configuration of appropriate methods for optimizing your production, taking into consideration the production strategy, the factory layout, process management and resource management in production as well as integrated information systems and communication systems.

Together with your employees, we plan for future requirements in your production and develop a customized production system. The goal is the capability of production and employees to participate in the structural changes inherent in the introduction of an HPS. Specific questions that arise from the introduction of certain methods, such as growing production control, small batch sizes or standardized resources for production use should be addressed and considered when finding a solution.


With the development and implementation of holistic production systems we offer you an integrated consulting approach for systematic and target-oriented optimization of your production.