Smart Finance

Smart Finance - Autonomous Supply Chain
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Autonomous Supply Chain

The Situation:

  • Today supply chain networks are characterized by an increasing speed of logistical processes (e.g. Same-Day-Delivery), higher shipping volume and a growing number of supply chain partners.
  • Between the material and financial flows is a growing gab in supply chain networks. This gab leads to inefficiency and additional costs. The transfer of monetary values in the field of B2B is mostly based on invoice-driven transaction processes.
  • Because of the high dynamics in technological developments, resulting from the increasing digitalization, more IT-services are provided in the fields of goods and financial flows. The efficient and secure handling of data is challenging and gets more complex due to the increasing amount of data or is completely missing in the B2B-area.

Our Solution:

  • The transfer of decentralization approaches of the 4. Industrial revolution to supply chain management and financial supply chain concepts provide several opportunities for the development of new processes that are more efficient and flexible in business networks. We are developing concepts within the scope of Smart Finance, which contribute to the harmonization of financial and good flows.
  • The digitalization is the basis for Smart Finance, which supports the usage of different technologies such as eInvoices, Blockchains and Smart Contracts as well as the integration of active Fintechs and service platforms in the management of future supply chain networks.
  • More transparency will be achieved through digitalized processes in combination with key technologies. At the same time, we establish a basis for more decentralization and autonomy in supply chains.
  • With the integration of financial aspects into the planning and controlling of objects in supply chains, cyber-physical systems will be equipped with financial information and thus contribute to holistic decisions in autonomous supply chains networks.

Your Benefit:

  • Increasing efficiency through process optimization
    • Optimization of working capital, liquidity and process costs in supply chains
    • Improvement of decision quality and speed
    • Digitalization of paper based transaction processes
  • Increasing effectiveness
    • Increasing in sales through new services
    • Faster service provision and reduction of reaction time

Framework SCF and Smart Finance

Framework SCF and Smart Finance
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Framework SCF and Smart Finance