KPIs / Smart Analytics

The Situation:

Key Figures are used for supporting decisions, the management and control of measurements in companies and are therefore an important component. Collected key figures measure continuously process performances and the success of companies. Processes can be monitored and permanently improved, future risks and opportunities can be highlighted. They stand in useful relationships to each other in implemented key figure systems and thus can be used for greater root cause analysis to identify important relationships of entrepreneurial activities. Entire supply chains become more transparent and easier to understand while using key figures. On this base the whole supply chain can be controlled from the company to its suppliers. The 4. Industrial revolution and the implementation of Industry 4.0-technologies will lead to major changes in companies. New occurring effects within the own company and along the entire supply chain cannot be fully estimated yet.

Our Solution:

  • Analysis of existing key figure systems in companies and supply chains
  • Identification of cross-functional weaknesses
  • Analysis and identification of the optimal possible solutions within the supply chain
  • Identification of levers to uncover improvement potentials

Your Benefit:

  • Creation of transparency
  • Basis for argumentations/ decision making and controlling
  • In advance visualization of effects on impending operational related investments/ projects
  • Optimized management of own processes aligned with the company strategy

Because of Industry 4.0 there will be major changes within companies. They must face the new challenges of digitalization in order to stay competitive on the market. The data-based decision making can be helpful. Smart Analytics can be used to optimize business decisions and processes, at the same time the production can be increased. The focus will be on procurement in supply chain management.