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Migration framework for decentralized and proactive risk identification in a Steel Supply Chain via Industry 4.0 technologies

For competitive risk mitigation in future steel supply chain networks a decentralized risk identification corresponding to the 4th Industrial Revolution is required. By integrating Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) in supply chain networks, a large number of real-time data in different formats will be available and must be consolidated. A framework is missing that leads to an improved risk identification and mitigation process by linking risks and CPS. In this paper a framework will be presented which correlates identified supply chain risks, suitable Industry 4.0 (I4.0) technologies and relevant finance indicators. The framework enables to identify relevant risks and their potential impact on companies’ assets and working capital, and also gives advice how these risks can be registered in advance by using I4.0 technologies.

Procurement can assume a leading role

Pilot Study Procurement 4.0
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Pilot Study Procurement 4.0

Fraunhofer IML and BME present new pilot study on the digitalisation of procurement

The digital structural change of industry will not be successful without the participation of procurement. However, opinions on its role vary greatly, ranging from “active driver” to “mere supporter”. Therefore, procurement has to intervene more actively in the discussion on Industry 4.0. As an innovation scout as well as an expert on technology and management, its voice will be heard. These are the central findings of the study “Procurement 4.0 – The Digitalisation of Procurement”, conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics and the Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME). From august 2015 through april 2016, 25 procurement managers and CPOs of renowned industrial companies, as well as representatives of two universities were interviewed.