Procurement Engineering

The Situation:

  • Increasing external requirements
  • Increasing material costs
  • Reduction of vertical range of manufacture
  • Reduction of stocks
  • Shortened product life cycles
  • Violability of raw material
  • Procurement has a huge leverage effect (1% savings leads to 20% EBIT increase)
  • Increasing competitive pressure
  • Price consciousness → Cost awareness of purchaser

Our Solution:

  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative performance data with (software based) tools
  • Benchmarking of quantitative and qualitative data for systematic external and internal comparison
  • Analysis and identification of the sustainability of procurement
  • Identification of potential savings with (software based) tools

Your Benefit:

  • Create transparency of the organizations competitiveness
  • Identification of quick wins and sustainable cost-cutting measurements
  • Basis for internal target-/ performance agreements


Industry 4.0 in procurement

Procurement 4.0

Procurement plays an important role in the implementation of Industry 4.0. It interacts with nearly all internal departments and external partners of the entire supply chain. Without any doubt, procurement has a high responsibility for the entire company.

The current study "Digitalization of procurement – Procurement 4.0" gives a first guidance for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in procurement organizations.