Supply Chain Engineering

The Supply Chain Engineering department addresses supply chain management tasks from an engineering perspective. We focus on an integral examination of logistical and informational structures and processes in order to optimize the performance of global logistic networks under the consideration of economic and ecological aspects. Our interdisciplinary team consists of more than 50 employees, including 32 scientific employees with backgrounds in the engineering and business studies as well as in logistics and informatics.

Business Units


Supply Chain Planning

  • Network Simulation and Material Flow Simulation
  • Dynamic Inventory Disposition and Robust Service Level Management
  • Optimization of Demand Forecasts
  • SCM Trainings

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Process and Requirement Design
  • Selection of ERP Systems
  • Support in ERP Introduction
  • IT Strategy
  • Current ERP Studies

Supply Chain Design

  • Network Design
  • Economic and Risk Assessment



Research Projects