Software Engineering


With the Department of Software Engineering, you can count on a competent partner for information technology questions, integrated results, and pioneering innovations.

Our employees were involved in the implementation of the following projects:


Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster »Logistics Mall –Cloud Computing for Logistics«

The Logistics Mall is a virtual mall for logistics software and services. Users can visit the mall to compile their process chain needs, rent the necessary applications directly from the vendors, run them in the cloud, and be billed based on usage.

EU FP7 IoT-A »Internet of Things« Architecture

Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A) is the lighthouse project of the European Union in the area of Internet of Things. The goal of the project is to design and create an architectural reference model that together with the definition of an initial set of key building blocks will form the crucial foundations for fostering a future Internet of Things.

Logistics Software Development


myWMS is an open framework for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) used for creating a customized WMS based on standard components and tailored to meet the needs of the user. myWMS is an open source alternative to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Material Flow Computers (MFC) that is suitable for industry use.

PUZZLE – Software for Logistics

PUZZLE is a program for optimizing loading, transport, and shipping units. The system calculates the optimal arrangement of square or cylindrical packages in predefined loading equipment. Many companies use it to optimize containers, trucks, pallets, and shipping boxes.

Project Management

Replacement of the logistics software at EUROPART Materials GmbH

EUROPART Materials GmbH – the number one retailer of commercial vehicle spare parts and shop supplies – replaced their old logistics software with a new system. The IML project team was primarily responsible for reviewing the project plan and ensuring that it was adhered to in terms of project responsibilities, resources, and feasibility. Change management was one of the focuses of their work.

Implementation of a logistics software system at the perfumery Douglas GmbH

The IML project team assisted the perfumery Douglas GmbH, the European market leader in the perfume industry, with the implementation of a new software system for logistics. The team focussed on providing support with project management and change management.

IT Strategic Consulting

Realignment of the IT strategies at LGI Logistics Group International GmbH

For LGI GmbH, a leader in contract logistics, the IML project team reviewed the existing IT strategies and provided advice on improving them and developing new ones for the IT environment of the warehouse management department. An assessment of the situation resulted in a strategic realignment. Analysis of the process coverage at WERNER EGERLAND

Automobillogistik GmbH

On behalf of WERNER EGERLAND Automobillogistik GmbH, an expanding service provider in the field of logistics for new and used cars, the IML project team analysed the process coverage provided by the existing IT at the different locations; identified weak points in organisation, software, and infrastructure; and created and prioritised solutions.