Software Engineering

Experience that pays off

In the field of logistics, special requirements need special solutions. We offer practical research, extensive experience in developing software for logistics, professional project management, and qualified IT strategic consulting. We also create custom solutions for complex problems. Our portfolio covers all of the necessary steps from theory to practice.

You have to keep thinking ahead if you want to play a leading role in the competitive marketplace. Although most known and recurring problems can be solved using standard sof tware, problems that are out of the ordinary need to be recognized as early as possible and handled with new, visionary solutions.

However, new solutions need new, customized software concepts that effectively and efficiently support the processes. For this very reason, the Department of Software Engineering of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML combines innovation and research with practical development and user-oriented implementation.

Innovation cluster «Logistics Mall – Cloud Computing for Logistics»

It is almost impossible to find a market where logistics is not a cost or competitive factor. Logistics has shed its classical role and become a growing and more complex market for customized services. The Logistics Mall provides IT-based logistics out of the can. The user can focus on their core business and the mall takes care of the rest. Even complex logistics processes can be presented and implemented in the Logistics Mall.   Are cost-effective, flexible, and innovative services important to you? If so, we are happy to welcome you to the Logistics Mall. Tell us what the most complex logistics process in your company is and discover with us how it can be made simple. Do what you like but only pay for what you need and as long as you need it.